d The cutting boards I make are tailored to each customers requirements. I don't have a back stock of them waiting to be shipped. I prefer making for a customer individually, so I can put a little extra love into each one. Choice of wood, shape, thickness, etc are all controlled by the customer. I try to use woods that are indigenous to my area such as White Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry and Walnut. I can also use exotics if need be. Keep in mind that some exotic woods are not safe for this type of work and I'd rather favor safety over aesthetics. Serving boards, where there is no cutting or prep work to be done on them, can be made out whatever hardwoods you'd like.

The design can be one of my own or could be a reproduction of a family favorite that has seen better days. All of my cutting boards are treated to multiple applications of mineral oil before being shipped out. I also provide a laminated copy of care instructions so there's no misunderstanding as to how to make the board last a lifetime.

I also make segmented bowls as well. This practice is used to get the most out of a piece of lumber. That being said, if you happen to have a piece of wood that you're fond of, I can create a bowl out of it. I also source locally cut down trees to make bowls, platters, plates, etc out of. If you have recently had a tree cut down on your property, and if that tree holds a special place in your heart, allow me to make something that will last forever. That way, even after the tree is gone, it's memories can live on and a piece of it can adorn your kitchen or mantle place and be passed down for generations. Every piece of wood has a story.